About us 

Brought together by our passion for food, the outdoors, and living sustainably; we bought a home and transformed our empty backyard into an urban farm and tranquil oasis. With our bounty, we operate a community-oriented, donation-based farm stand. We believe that urban farming is capable of reconnecting people with their food, combatting food insecurity, and building community. 

KYLE HAGERTY | @urbanfarmstead

Constantly inspired by our region’s embrace of the farm-to-fork movement, Kyle is passionate about re-establishing the relationship between people and food. As he grows into a seasoned urban farmer, he loves to share what he has learned with others through his Instagram and the bi-weekly farm stand he hosts with his fiancée Morgan. Firefighter by day, he likes to spend his spare time outdoors gardening, foraging for wild food, hunting, and fishing.

MORGAN DAILY | @dailyflourish

Morgan is passionate about living an environmentally sustainable life - from repurposing housewares and clothing to buying and eating local. She is currently studying Sustainable Environmental Design at UC Davis. She plans on designing edible urban gardens and working with local schools to educate future generations about healthy living + urban gardening. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors, traveling, and building connections in the community. 


Photo by Octavio Valencia

Photo by Octavio Valencia