Custom-built tables

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Materials: redwood, galvanized steel pipes, paint thinner, Plasti Dip paint, redwood stain, sand paper, hardware, etc.

Labor (2 days): shopping for all materials, prepping and painting the base, building the top, assembling, sanding, and staining.

Size: 8 feet, seats 8-10.

Price: $750

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Customize: dimensions, material, base/legs to what fits your personal style and space.





Price: varies with add-ons

Other information

+ We hand-select each piece of redwood to ensure top quality.                                                                                            (Even if that means pulling out every single piece to inspect!)

+ We make sure that none are damaged, bowing, and that all look nice when placed together.

+ Redwood is rot-resistant. We apply a stain + sealant that further protects the wood. 

+ Tip: We like give our table a quick sand and stain every couple years.

+ It will be much brighter (pictured below) upon finishing, and darken with age.

+ The steel base is painted with Plasti Dip, a heavy duty paint. It keeps the steel from rusting. We apply 2 coats.

+ Delivery available within the Sacramento area.

The process

  Steal base                           before sanding                      While Staining                       Finished table

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