Frequently Asked questions


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How did you build your 

arched trellis?

The arched trellis consists of two 4'x15' hog wire panels side by side. They are bent over from one bed to the other, and secured with 3 T-posts on either side. Materials are available at Tractor Supply and most farm supply stores.


What are the containers in the arched trellis?

We use basic rain gutters to take advantage of the vertical space in the the archway. We drilled holes in the bottom to allow water to flow through and attached with 'S' hooks to the hog wire. 

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How large is your property?

Our entire lot is 6,000 square feet; 900 square feet of “river-friendly” and edible landscaping in the front, 2,000 square feet of water-permeable patio, edible and drought-tolerant landscaping, and most importantly 500 square feet of dedicated vegetable garden space.

In our vegetable garden, we have seven 4'x10' raised beds that we rotate crops through on a 3-year cycle.


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