Call to action:

Plastic-Free Produce

Join us Thursday October 18th

for the international day of doing to

fight back against single-use plastic in grocery stores.

Our voice is more powerful when we all act together. 

You can participate by going to Trader Joe’s

website and voicing our opinion on their

General Feedback Page. 

But Please wait until October 18th to do so!


Get your voice heard

In our messages, let’s keep it short and sweet, 3-5 sentences.

Express constructive criticism and share a personal experience.(Example: I haven’t shopped there in years partly because of their overuse of unnecessary plastics)

1. START POSITIVE: It's great that Trader Joe's is offering more unpackaged options and has switched over to compostable bags for the things that aren’t prepackaged.

2. STATE CONCERNS: We are concerned with the prepackaged produce (ie. 3 bell peppers in a bag or 5 zucchini on a tray and wrapped in plastic). This is not only unnecessary single-use plastic, it wastes food as well if the customer only wanted one or two, the rest goes bad.

3. MAKE A SUGGESTION: Use compostable cardboard clam shell boxes for grapes, berries, etc and stop using stop using non recyclable plastic for prepackaged produce.

Sell reusable fabric produce bags alongside your reusable grocery bags!

Sample message:

It's great that Trader Joe's is now offering more unpackaged produce and has switched over to compostable bags for items that are not prepackaged. But I am very concerned with the fact that most of your produce is still unnecessarily packaged and this keeps me from shopping at your stores. Please consider using less plastic packaging, switch to compostable cardboard clam shell boxes for grapes & berries, and start selling reusable fabric produce bags alongside your reusable grocery bags. Thank you!

How this all got started

saturday october 13th

This all started from my morning talk on about plastic bag use the grocery store (see @dailyflourish story highlights) and got more responses than I have ever gotten. We’re talking 200 messages and counting.

My friend jill mentioned that someone she had previously spoken with at trader joe’s said that the only way we might get their attention is for a ton of people to message on the same day with the same purpose. So I said let’s do it! and suggested we do it this thursday october 18th (my birthday). hundreds of people responded saying that they were in and i’m thrilled. You all rock.

Okay, so real talk. 11 hours later, Kyle’s god mother shared a post with me that says october 18th is the international day of doing aka do day - The purpose is to stop talking and start doing - refuse + reduce plastic. So let’s do something big! Check out plastic pollutes on instagram. Still slightly in shock. This is meant to be. This is my purpose.


Still not convinced?

Still want plastic bags? Hate germs? Up to this point, many germs and hands have already touched this produce - from the farm to transit to the store. I use a plant-based produce wash and a brush and that takes care of that. These reusable and washable produce bags are great too!